Enchanted Cavern

Enchanted Cavern

Complete your collection of match-three favorites with this visually stunning release! Packed with mind-bending challenges and exhilarating gameplay, Enchanted Cavern drops you at the mouth of a dark and foreboding cave and dares you to find the treasure hidden within!

In ancient times, a legend about an enchanted cavern was passed down from generation to generation. However, many years have passed, and mankind has forgotten the story, allowing the cavern to hold its secrets - until now. To reach your goal, you will have to solve dozens of cleverly designed puzzles that involve removing groups of three or more matching gems from the game board. Don't miss this "must have" game for match-three fans!

There's also iPhone version of this game! Check the App Store! 

iOS game
Instruments: Cocos2d, Simple Audio Engine.

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