About Us

Our company was founded in October 2010 in order to focus on growing mobile application market providing excellent services in development games and mobile apps for iOS platform.

At this moment there were 5 people in the team: 4 iOS developers and game designer.

Growing further we understood that the only way of doing solid business is to combine our skills in mobile development with the expertise in frontend/backend development, software testing and release engineering.

From this moment we are providing wide range of services in game, mobile and web development.

Now our company consists of 30 talented engineers with deep expertise in .Net, iOS/Android development, testing (manual, automation, performance) and release engineering.

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Besides our main business we are actively involved in cultural and educational life of Omsk IT community organizing different IT events like conferences, hackathons, lectures for students and kids.

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Russia, Omsk, 132 Kuybisheva str., floor #4


201 Spear Street, Suite 1100

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